I've been using Mooi face creams, eyeliner and nail polish for a couple of years now and I prefer it to any store bought brands. The nail polish comes in beautiful colours and stays on great. The face cream sinks in nicely, feels and smells lovely. The eye liner goes on easy and doesn't smudge. All this and I get to feel good about shopping local, and putting safe, natural ingredients on my body. Looking forward to trying more.          -Helen


My skin is so happy when I use my Mooi toner and rejuvenating moisturizer. I love that there are such great ingredients with so many benefits, all I have to do is use them and take in the goodness! I also appreciate knowing there are no added fillers or chemicals, which is very important to me. I’ll be using this stuff for a long time! Oh and it smells fantastic. Thanks Mooi!              -Chloe


I have tried both the sunscreen and the bug spray, and both of them are fantastic. The sunscreen works very well, and absorbs really nicely. The scents are fantastic, and very light. I use the sunscreen on myself and my kids. The bug spray also works great. We have a mosquito problem at our property on Sproat Lake. The spray allows us to stay out longer at night, without getting hounded by the mosquitoes. Excellent products that work really well!          -Emily


I bought your deodorant. I couldn't believe how well it works and how long it lasts. There are no weird masking odours on me or my clothes. I love it and will never go back to store bought products.          -Tenneil


 I picked up a jar of the bug balm for my horse Tuck, and not one bite, he went through the summer bug free. I had to get a huge jar when I ran out, and I will always carry it in my barn. Thanks for a great product. Keep it coming.          -Lesley


Need more lip balm!! Wonderful natural products! Having used Burts Bees for decades, I'm completely converted to your lip balm! Smooth, luscious, no toxic ingredients. Thank you!          -Ruth


We have used a number of Mooi products and have found them to be outstanding. Mooi also provides personal customer service which is prompt and friendly. They were even able to accommodate a short delivery schedule before a recent trip. Highly recommended, and I do like supporting small local businesses!          -Hugh


Mooi Natural Essentials are fantastic products! I will not use anything else on my skin. Their lip glosses are light and natural. Aunt Ruby's salve has been awesome help with muscle aches and pains!          -Pam


Excellent customer service, extremely helpful and willing to go above and beyond making sure you're happy! Amazing natural product! I love the Glacier foot & chest butter. I use it everyday!          -Sonja


Really liked every product ive used  really love the skin cream & tooth paste. Really liking the lip balm.          -Alura


I love Mooi Natural Essential products! My favourite is the Rejuvenating face cream because it feels light, soft and silky. I also love the eye shadows , Sweet Orange deodorant and the Perfume stick (Crown scent). Thanks Mooi!          -Leiza